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Welcome To Daaru Salaam University

As one of the leading universities in Somalia, Daaru Salaam University places its position as beacon of academic excellence offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars.   The University is dedicated to the advancement of higher education in the country and that of the horn of African region by instigating model, scholars in the region.

We will not compromise our commitment to achieve Academic excellence and ensure that the pursuit of academic distinction in teaching, research and service to the public is well recognized and forms an important part of the academic and organizational life of the institution.

We aspire to produce talents by upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry and fostering open exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst the staff and students. The institution is Unrelenting for quest of scholarly and strategic research, education, training and public service directed at the attainment of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development of Somalia and the wider horn of Africa.”

We are an institution that prioritize the student wellbeing, thus our students enjoy a variety of inter-curricular and non curricular services. Apart from the academic responsibility, we also provide students sport tournaments and academic tours.

We believe, if you chose to join this university. Your future is secure with us, we will ensure that your professional experience is in line and conforms to the international standards.

For Those scholars and students who are already with us, I would like to congratulate you for making the right decision. Those who are coming, we are ready to receive you.

Thank you very much and enjoy your pursuit of life.

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