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DSU has signed a collaboration with Salahidin University


Daaru Salaam University has signed a historic academic and scientific collaboration with the prestigious Salahidin University in Erbil Kurdistan.


Daaru Salaam University delegates Dr Osman Mohamed, Professor Mohamed Abdualahi Mohamed and Professor Osman Mohemed Mohamud met with H.E Dr Ahmed Anwar Dezaye president of Salahidn University. During our historic visit to Kurdistan, Daaru Salaam University Delegates have been given a warm reception. The parties discussed the realationship between Somali universities and Salahadin University and they stressed the importance of academic and scientific collaboration on both institutions.   Daaru Salaam University delegates visited different colleges including college of economics, College of law, college of education, and historic sites in Kurdistan region

The two universities have made a symbolic academic gesture and signed ambitious agreement to lead academia in East and horn of Africa and Middle East. Dr Osman Mohamed highlighted strategic areas: of academic interests and touched on Postgraduate masters on different faculties, fostering collaborative research, publications and colloquia, Exchange of academic materials and publications; and providing cultural and intellectual enrichment opportunities for staff and students.