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Bachelor of Political Science

The BSc Political Science programme is an exciting course to study. We are passionate about international relations and the pressing problems humanity faces in the international realm. Our staff and students are concerned with war, terrorism, power, diplomacy, climate change, trade, poverty, migration and international cooperation, but also what to do about them, how to understand them, and how to study them. Our International Relations programme is for anyone who shares these passions and concerns. It offers intensive training in the theory and practice of international relations, and preparation for a diverse range of international careers or further research.
Our approach to international relations combines innovative research with creative and inspirational teaching. Together, our staff combine intricate working knowledge of the great international institutions with a deep appreciation of historical change and the most important ideas in international thought. Through our research at the cutting edge of the discipline we hope to inspire our students to a world of possibilities, from the sociology of the financial crisis to state survival in the Middle East and the social construction of security
The study of International Relations also enhances ‘generalist’ job-related skills – such as skills in research, information processing, analysis evaluation, organization, oral and written communication, and a broad general knowledge – which equip graduates for an increasingly dynamic job market in such broad areas as administration, management, business and the public service