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Bachelor of Nursing


The curriculum is designed to meet the challenges of healthcare delivery. The nursing curriculum is a three-year program where you begin taking nursing courses and upon completion the nursing curriculum, Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree. The course is highly demanding and designed to use community-orientated, evidence and skills-based approaches in order to be highly responsive to the needs of urban and rural communities.

Graduates will gain:
The ability to apply a broad base of knowledge, theory and scientific research to the real life practical context.
The community educational skills to manage people of diverse backgrounds and adapt effectively to a given situation.
The leadership and management skills needed to fully manage a variety of healthcare scenarios and provide effective healthcare delivery.
Necessary knowledge to adapt their skills to a particular situation and develop competencies in leadership, case management and health promotion.
The professional attitude, commitment and accountability to deliver healthcare to high professional standards and demonstrate ethical, legal and professional accountability in practice.


There are a seemingly infinite number of areas that a graduate nurse can go into, ranging from clinics and hospitals to home healthcare, outpatient care centres, social services, schools and government positions. Some organizations may employ graduate nurses for health planning, consulting or policy development, while there is always a need for nurses to support ongoing teaching and research projects.