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Bachelor of Public Administration


The public sector is expanding daily and becoming more complex. Due to this, there is need to study and appreciate modern-day issues, and challenges in public administration and management if one is to administer and manage the public affairs properly. This course seeks to equip students with knowledge and skills to become public administrators and/or managers for the public, private, and corporate domains that need such technically, ethically and psychologically qualified personnel in their organizations.
Graduates will gain:
Ability to demonstrate a level of professional competence that is based on self-understanding, including a realistic assessment of one’s own strengths and prejudices, and the skills necessary to keep one’s personal values and ethics from interfering with one’s practice. Ability to demonstrate a respect for and competence with client systems of diversity, the rural poor, the rural elderly, socially and economically-disadvantaged persons. Knowledge to demonstrate a respect for and competence with populations-at-risk, including the developmentally disabled, the chronically mentally ill, the chemically addicted, victims of family violence, especially women and children. Knowledge to understand and evaluate research studies, in order to apply relevant and valid research finding to social work practice.
Career Opportunity

There are a number of major advantages to gaining the Bachelor of Public Administration and Management degree. The program provides graduates with the flexibility to move into a broad scope of management positions across a wide range of industries. It provides invaluable knowledge on the key functions required to run a company and manage people. Bachelor of Public Administration and Management graduates can work in a number of areas in all sectors as Administrators, Administrative Specialists, Budget Analysts, and Community Relations Specialists.